How to make Rangoli with colourful paper

this picture is related to rangoli.

Hello guys!! So now in this post I will talk about the paper rangoli and the steps that how we can make colourfull paper rangoli at home and it’s uses and how can you decorate it in your home.

How can you make this rangoli at home steps:-

  • First of all, cut green paper in round shape
  • Then cut off the colorful paper in a round shape , cut it off, which is smaller than the green round paper.
  • Paste the smaller circle on the larger circle
  • Cut leaves for paste in corner with light green paper
  • And then cut leaves with dark green paper smaller than light green leaves
  • Reverse the Rangoli and stick it to the leaves
  • Colorful paper cut into a circular shape for flowers ,Then fold it like semicircle
  • Fold the semi circle into half semicircular.
  • Similarly make 18 more flowers ,Paste it in the Rangoli as we have paste.
  • Make such leaves to paste with flowers
  • Cut the diya on light blue paper and make a smaller diya than the paper in dark blue paper and paste them
  • Make a wick from the yellow paper and paste it on diya
  • Make this type of flower and paste it below the diya

Put glitter on the edges around it and in the leaves also

You can decorate your house with this on festival. There are so many ways to decorate this colourful paper rangoli in your house.

You can paste it on a wall it will look too good to paste it on a colourful wall .

You can also paste it on the floor at diwali instead of bought from market. Handcraft rangoli look more attractive than others.

You can also decorate your school with this rangoli at diwali. And for participation on rangoli competition you can design likewise this above all and similarly some other designs as you want you can make.

You will not find this in any Market it’s a better option to make this at home and add some stones and glittering to make more attractive and innovative . And it is cheapest than market value of the Rangoli.

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