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Hii guys!! In this post I am going to talk about the girls favorite ? that is top . In today’s world, girl’s one of the favourite ? is tops To wear on different occasions according to body type, size and shape because every Tops doesn’t suit on everyone .Top is also comfortable and easy in wearing too. Every girl must known different types of tops and outfit for them in the market.

There are some types of latest top :

1. Latest Crop tops

crop tops
  • Description of cropt tops

It should be selected when you want your belly, seduction and sexy looks.You can usually also wear it. This is the sleeve mostly smaller। Crop top looks good on mosty jeans, jeggings and shoes. A crop top has many forms there are cropped top,belly shirt, half shirts, midriff shirts , tummy top, short shirt, these. All are some faces of crop tops.

2. Latest Blouse tops

latest tops
  • Description of blouse top

It is a casual top and you feel comfortable in wear this top.You will look good even in this hat. If you wear this top with skinny jeans and heels or flatbellies.

3. Latest off shoulder top

off shoulder top
  • Information about offshouler top

This top shows your Sexy shoulder that’s why it’s called off shoulder top. If u are going on ur first date then you should wear off shoulder top in this top u will look more beautiful.This top is popular for both day and night . To wear an off shoulder top, start by findinga well fitting nude – coloured strapless bra that you can wear under any kind of off-shoulder . You can wear this top with jeans or with a straight skirts and heels for a dressy look.

4. Latest Tube tops

latest tube tops
  • About tube tops of girls

If you want to show your sexy shoulder then you should wear this top. This is shoulderless , sleeveless women’s garments that wraps around the uper torso . This is generally tight over the breasts and uses elastic bands at its top and bottom to prevent it from falling. start by findinga well fitting nude – coloured strapless .

Some other words for tube top :- londshoreman.n , dockworker.n , table top, strap less top.

There are some other kind of latest top :-

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