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Why are fifty six indulgences made to Shri Krishna?

It is believed that god krishna is pleased with fifty-six bhogas and the wishes of his devotees are fulfilled. It is said that his mother Yashoda used to provide food to Bal Krishna with his hands every day for eight times. Janmashti 2020 will be celebrated on two days 11 and 12 august.

56 indulgence started in this way :-
shri krishna

Once the Indradev raised the gorgeous on the gokul, then God Shrikrishi had taken a little finger to a Gingerman Mountains without a seven days. When the rain became calm, all the gorgechers came out of the mountain. After all, it felt that our Kanhaiya has protect us without seven days. Then Mother Yashoda and all gapulsia made a total of 56 types of delicious dish to seven days according to Kanhaiya, for the first eight of the day, which was made to 55 kinds of delicious dish.

The worship was the only dishes in the people who were liked Krishna-Kanhaiya. Of course, the tradition of gastling pusians for nathank Nandkisor is from centuries. On the night of Janmashtami, the Prakashi of the region of India is also planded. Apart from this, things like censes, fruits, darfewaries, sweets, beverages, salts and pickles. Devotees make all these things in pure desi ghee. All people add fifty-six according to their calculations. Many devotees offer 20 types of sweets, 14 types of snacks and 20 types of dry fruits. Typically Chhappan Bhog consists of Makhan – Mishri, Kheer, Almond, Pistachio, Rasgulla, Jalebi, Rabri, Mathri, Malpua, Mohanbhog, Chutney, Moong Dal Halwa, Pakoras, Khichdi, Bangan ki Sabzi, Gourd vegetable, Puri, Marmalade, Items like greens, curd, rice, cardamom, lentils, kadhi, ghevar cheela and papad are included.

How to make Krishna’s makeup?
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If there is a tension talent in your life or is it difficult? Kanha’s makeup should be done with red color garments on Janmashtmi. After this, you should apply your petition by offering sugar candy. At the same time, it should be expressed that Kanhaiya will fill his bag soon. Apart from this, if the work is done then it worsens.If done, you should make up Kanhaiya with silver work. In addition, white sandalwood vaccine should be applied. Butter should be served together. It is believed that the native will do this But Kanhaiya is pleased or all problems get removed from him and his life.

If the work area starts to deteriorate having problems. Reasons unnecessarily from high officials and colleagues if there is a dispute, Nandlala should be adorned with an object with a wave print. Apart from this, sandalwood tilak should be done. Dahi should be offered in enjoyment. Then apply your application in front of Kanha with folded hands. Say that by doing this Work area of ​​the individual. get benefits Conditions of debate also improve. Apart from this, if there is a desire to have more children, then devotees should sing Krishna with white clothes. After this, enjoyment of milk and saffron should be done. This gives a pleasant feeling of having children.

Use clothes of these colors for krishna’s dress ?
janmashti 2020

if anyone is not getting success in court related matters, then they should sing Krishna with items made of mixed colors of yellow and red. Apart from this, these colors should also be used in his Kundalo and Tilak. After this, pray for Mishri to fulfill your vow to Kanhaiya. It is believed that doing so provides relief in court court cases. If there is success in competitive exam then Muralidhar on Janmashtami day.Shringar should be done with blue clothes. After this, Kanha should offer balshi. It is believed that by doing this wealth is attained. There is also success in competitive examination.

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