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Hello everyone!! So, Today we are going to sharing with you tips about A professional look for everyday office work.That you can get ready very easily and quick in just 10 min using MAC essential products, LAKME OR STUDIO products.

Professional outfits for office work

  • Mix and match blazer +trousers
  • Button down+pencil skirt
  • Button down+longline vest+pants
  • Shirt+dress+sheath dress+wrap dress
  • Trench+buttondown+ trouser
  • Culottes or cropped wide leg pants
  • Button down+plated mid skirt
  • Fitted crewneck+cropped joggers
  • Tie blouse+wide leg trousers
  • Matching blazer+pant suit
  • Flowy trench+tank /tee+skirt
  • Monochrome/same color on color
  • Blazer+pencil skirt
  • Crewneck sweater+any bottoms
  • Blouse/button down under A sweater
  • Long line blazer/jacket +dress
  • Button down+full length joggers
  • Loose shirt+trousers
  • Cardian+fitted top+pencil skirt
  • Cardian+cropped joggers

everyday OFFICE makeup look in just 10 min

We are sharing with you office makeup tips in ten minutes only five products. So,just follow these following steps:-

1. Makeup with studio products:-


  • So,start with the studio finish concealer . It’s a medium to full coverage concealer.Moreover It is easy to blend.


  • it’s one -step foundation so you don’t have to use anything else and this will give you a perfect mattle finish. You can use it with a brush or you can use it with a spong pad it comes with. So just look up and make sure that if you have any kind of lines under the eyes with the concealer or anything. Just blend that slightly.


  • Now for your eyes I’m going to use technakohli eyeliner,it’s really amazing because you can use it like Kajal and you can also line the eyes with this . So, just start with using it in small strokes on the waterlines go back and forth and I also like to use this to line the eyes on top . So, you will get a nice eyeliner effect and now just take a Q-Tip and smudge it a little bit whatever smudge is there , take it out


  • we are using liptensity in the shade post modern.As,it gives really intense pay off and is super creamer. Also let me show you how you can add blush on your cheeks with the same lipstick.just take some product on your fingers and put few dots and blend it onto the cheeks and then you get a really nice blush.


  • Now finally to add that beautiful glow on the skin . So, this will give you a really nice highlight on the skin Use 224 brush.which is a nice small brush .take some product on the brush and use it right on the cheek bones to get that nice highlight. Use the same brush and add a Little bit on the nose . You can also do is,use the same highlighter on your eyes. And you can done with this everyday makeup look in less then 10 minutes.

2.makeup with Lakme products:-


  • LAKME 9TO5 CC CREAM. Replenishing rich moisturiser. Start with moisturiser followed by a CC Cream .
  • LAKME ABSOLUTE WHITE INLINSE CONCEALER use a concealer on specific problem areas . Always pick a concealer which is lighter in shade .
  • LAKME 9TO5 prime +matte powder foundation finish the base with a setting powder.


  • Lakme absolute kareena Kapoor Khan cheek contour. Add some colour with a cheek tint. Apply at the highest point of your cheeks.



  • LAKME EYECONIC KAJAL. Highlight the eyes with kajal. To finish the entire look use a Lakme Absolute dramatic eyes mascara .

3.makeup with mac products :-


  • Similarly, Begin 24 hours smooth wear concealer start with protecting the skin. Also the concealer to areas where there is preventation or that you would like to hidden. Apply a little bit below the eyes. Now, what Olive about this product is that it’s super blendable. So, you can use your fingers to gently gab the concealer into the skin. Perfect the application and blend out any harsh edges.
  • Its a super natural finish with a concealer brush. Apply a little bit around the mouth and on the chik. Now,if you have long hours.this product is just you need. It gives you full coverage for 24 hours but it’s also extremely lighten and comfortable.to set your concealer and give you a little bit of concealer all over .this product is an absolute mustard.start it using a little bit on the areas where we’ve concealed.then blend it outwards. It’s so travel friendly and it’s absolutely amazing for touch tips for everyday office look.


  • Next let’s move on to brows, with the eye brows styler.this is a dual onced product so you can fill your brows with the eye pencil end. And use the brush on the other side to your brows and blend the product.


  • And Also ,no look complete without liner . With using graplack in the waterline and the roots of the lashes. And we’re are going to blend it with using a brush. The great the about this liner is that it’s long wearing creamy.in extreme dimension 3D.
  • BLACK LASHES MASCARA. However, finish off the eyes we’re going to use some mascara .As a result,You will get that amazing volume and length to your lashes.


  • Let’s complete this look with lipstick. That perfect shade for work can be cute and tase.just because You don’t want something that’s too loud or too dull. That’s why we’re comes in its the product SUBTLE MATTE PINK you can use this lipstick as a blush also . It’s quick and easy to use.

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