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This is the fact that yoga has so many benefits which is really very useful for our health. But we have also disadvantages of yoga. We have always been hearing that the body benefits from practicing yoga.

But do you know that doing yoga also damages the body? Doing this not only has physical but also mental side effect. By practicing yoga and pranayama for a really while, you’ll also fall prey to horoscope syndrome. we’d wish to tell you that by doing yoga, there’s a stretch within the muscles of the body and blood nerve.

As a result, pain starts therein an area of the body. If this problem is not take care of in due course of a while, then that an area of your body also can become paralyzed. So allow us to know the side effect of yoga.


If you are feeling the necessity for a coffee or a nap after doing yoga? this suggests that you simply are practicing yoga quite your capacity. Excessive practice of power yoga generates heat within the body and lowers electrolytes and sodium levels from the body.

then this is often often often a logo that you simply simply simply do many yoga. If this happens, leave of yoga class for a quick time. you’ll feel better by inhaling the air outside. Drink many water, get enough sleep and rest and reduce the time of yoga.


The body gets many advantages from regular practice of yoga. Once you’ve read the habit of doing yoga, then it doesn’t feel good without doing yoga. The day they’re doing not do yoga, they’re doing not feel fresh, they’re lazy which they are doing not desire either. This madness of individuals about yoga also can make them ill later.


Knowing Yoga Side Effects, yoga exercises cause many stretch within the muscles of the body. Therefore, if the strain is against flexibility of the body quite necessary while doing yoga, the muscles of the body get pulled. due to which pain starts therein an area of the body. If this problem is not paid attention in time, then that area of your body becomes susceptible to paralysis.


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Even sometimes, muscle tear, ruptured intervertebral disc and carpal tunnel problems also are found , In some yoga postures like chaturanga, push ups, etc., the elbow possesses to bend, so as that there is a risk of through damage on the wrist, elbow and shoulder.


Anger increases due to excessive practice of yoga, the flow of testosterone hormone within the body starts increasing. due to which aggression increases within the person.


People attend yoga classes to not improve their health, but to concentrate on something else. repeatedly girls watch videos of other girls and consider becoming like her.And yoga teachers start taking advantage of this thing. that’s why, yoga teachers and sex scams are heard repeatedly. now’s there are more teachers are known for abusing their power for touching their students and having sex with them is a harmful disadvantages of yoga.

Your task is to guard you. Therefore, don’t be mislead by anyone. And if you discover the behavior of the teacher inappropriate, then avoid getting to that place.


There are many changes within the brain when doing yoga regularly. Often times, yoga’s people are more seen in yoga’s folks that they begin dislike non-veg and alcohol. Instead, they like simple, vegetarian food. By the way, this alteration is good for keeping the body healthy. Above you recognize Side Effects of Yoga in Hindi. Yoga does not imply binding. So do the utmost amount as you’re doing yoga. don’t force your body. Trust yourself

  • Exorbitant and hard posture can give us physical cramps, and injury in different body parts.
  • yoga isn’t suitable for all type of age groups, and also not for all genders.
  • Mostly yoga postures can dehydrate the body and it’s not Healthy in terms of fitness , And it harms our body.
  • When we use an inappropriate yoga postures that can badly effect your body.
  • Uneducated instructor or trainers cannot help anyone to achieve the goal of yoga .
  • Just because they don’t known the proper knowledge of yoga. And they can also misguide due to lack of knowledge.
  • Some yoga styles are hard or difficult that can causes fractures and also serve ache in different body parts as well as internal injury.
  • Especially Beginners should follow more precautions than a trainer.
  • Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to reach that highest level because yoga postures are not easy to learn for everyone.
  • if you want to see the good results of yoga , for that you have to wait long and work hard for the good results.
  • Some yoga postures are not appropriate for expected monthers,that can increase your problems.

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