When it comes to fashion, shoes aren’t given much importance.But whenever it comes to sports, the importance of shoes is understood. Because, In any type of sport, shoes are the best friends of every player’. Then, however it’s about sports like football, running, cricket or hiking. that’s why we prepare a inventory of branded sports shoes for men.

The worth of sports shoes in the market can range from a couple of hundred rupees to thousands of rupees. Good quality running shoes cost up to Rs 8000 in the Indian market. That’s why during this article we’ll tell you about the ten most expensive branded sports shoes for men, which you can buy in India as well.

shoe for tennis

These shoes from Adidas top our list. These shoes are available classic black design. Premium quality leather is employed within the tennis run bounce S4 upper. The shoe is formed of seamless and therefore the upper is sort of breedable. The fitting of the shoes gives a really good fitting on the feet. The shoe’s rubber outsole is very translucent and provides good traction. during this shoe, especially Bounce technology used. This shoe uses a suspension system that gives tremendous cushioning support. Not only this, these shoes give just like the other skin of the feet while running.

Price: 48,880, Buy on Amazon.

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In our list, New Balance’s 2040 V3 is at number two. Made from leather, this running shoe comes in premium quality. Even if you’re not doing workouts, these shoes are still great. The 2040 V3 has an upper made from horizontal full grain leather. The shoe features a heel height of 12 mm. By wearing this shoe, you get a honest grip on the bottom too. The shoe’s rubber outsole gives good traction and is extremely durable. within the mid sole area, the new Revolion cushioning and PU combination is found within the new balance. Encap technology is using within the mid sole. As a result, This mid sole is extremely responsive. Buy from amazon.

Price: Rs 43,000-49,000

nike shoes
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Nike Fly nit Racer Oreo is at number three on our list. Nike’s fly nit technology is employed during this shoe. The fitting of the shoes is tremendous. The shoes are extremely lightweight and convince be very comfortable when running. Dynamic fly wire cables provide an excellent fit, covering the mid foot from all four sides. This shoe is extremely light about 160 grams. Nike has used a zoom air cushion within the shoe top cushion. While phyllon foam is employed for further cushions. It also covers the mid sole of the shoe.

Price: 39,753 , Buy from amazon.

hiking shoes
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Another Hiking Shoes by Asolo Company is at number four in our list. The Fugitive GTX has been popular among hiking enthusiasts for nearly 10 years. The upper of this shoe is extremely light and fits very easily on the feet. Arrangements have also been made to support the heel within the shoes. The mid sole of this shoe is extremely tough, which it gets from thick PU material. The Fugitive GTX provides tremendous support for the feet. The traction level of this shoe is also good. These shoes give good grip in the snow in addition to the mud surface. Buy from amazon.

Price: Rs 48,002

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Asolo’s Hiking Shoes TPS 520 is at number five on our list. The TPS 520 upper is formed from a single piece of full grain leather. The upper of the TPS 520 doesn’t spoil in water and allows air to undergo the feet. The heel also gets tremendous support during this shoe. The shoe’s outsole is made of molded rubber. The shoe cushion is extremely good and its mid sole stops the tremors before reaching the feet. These shoes are often worn on every terrain and run. The worth of these shoes may vary depending on the size.

Price: Rs 30,180 , buy from here.

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Mizuno’s Wave Tangin is at number 6 on our list. These are edition shoes of Mizuno. Wave Tangin is that the results of a shared innovation and discovery between Mizuno and Lambergini, the world’s two top brands. This shoe is inspired by the lambargini Huracan. Its design is extremely luxurious and it comes in two colors. Its upper is extremely soft and comfortable. The comfort level of this running shoe is very high. Upper fits your feet alright. Whereas the carbon rubber within the out sole is extremely durable. While the Infinity wave plate of full length gives good cushioning. Wearing it gives an excellent running experience.

Price: 30,013 , Buy from here.

Nike shoes
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Hyperwanam Proximo, these are soccer boots, best for outdoor pitch. Hyper wenam Phantom II may be a flagship football boots of Nike. These boots are the simplest and best feature boots of Nike’s football. Nikey launched these football boots in the beginning of year 2016. Nikek’s Nemark may be a junior special edition that has specialized on the graphic pattern. Nike has worked hard to design this football boot, due to which these shoes also look great and also a branded shoes. Fly nitis made up of special technical in Hyperwanam Phantom II has been installed. These are upper and comfortable and special. This shoe has dynamic fit collar which is tremended support for heel and seems like socks. during this shoase, you get an equivalent lice in every surface and weather. The pawx possesses the out sol of the papers that are very lightend and provides tremendous traction.

Price: 26,995 , Buy from here.

terrex shoes
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Terrex Fast R Mid GTX is that the tracking shoe of Adidas. Adjas House Formation Technology is use during this shoe. It takes tons of comfort within the athlete’s feet and due to which many metrixes used to make shoes are easily done by one another. Especially Ortholite is using during this shoe. Because of which they become very comfortable. Shoes cushions are also exellent. Audit Extinm Materials of Adidas utilized in the shoes. This is often better supporting the player’s claws during the running. While the Continental Rubber Outsol gives tremendous catching athletes during running running on different surfaces. During this runs by wearing this shoe, 30% more in running on 30% more and wet surfaces on running dryer.

Price: Buy Rs 21,673 from here.

9. NIKE AIR MAX 2016
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Nike’s Flagship Running Shoe The Air max 2016 is at number 9 in our list. The Air Max is given in Dynamic Flyerie Cables in 2016, which provides flash. Nike is using the special technology to return to the air in the shoes for men. While the zodios air cushion system is employed in the mid fut area. make one among the simplest shoes of the Shopping Shoe Industries. Keeping the viewer, special flax grooves have also planted on the out sol, which give good brights during the racer. These shoes will easily get you at Amazon.

Price: buy 17,995 from here.

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United States of America MaJuno 5 is that the 10th number in our list of branded shoes for men. so, during this shoase, MaJuno has also used its Wave Technology. Moreover, compound feet within the Mid sol area gives tremendous cushions and stability. These shoes are especially for running players. This shoes is particularly designing with pachex run plate. These maintains tremendous grip within the feet of players during the running of various surfaces. The shoot of the shoes made up of the carbon rubber. Which is extremely durable. you’ll buy this shoes from amazon.

Price: Buy 17,999 from here.

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